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Drapes & Drape Packs

We, at Surgeine, manufacture a complete line of surgical drapes to be used in these complex procedures with an objective of reducing the risk of contamination and surgical site infections (SSI).

Our general surgical drapes are flame-resistant, abrasion-free and low linting. In addition, these drapes are manufactured with high-quality fabric which is tear-free, comfortable and easy-to-use in the operating room.


Whatever the procedure we have a drape that will work perfectly in even the most exacting circumstances. We are the one source for the maximum variety as regards shapes, sizes, materials and designs to give the best overall performance and ease of use.

General Surgery

  • Universal Packs
  • Basic Packs
  • Laparoscopic Pack
  • Laparotomy Pack
  • Fenestrated Drapes
  • Plain Drapes
  • Utility Drapes
  • Split Drapes

Gynecology & Obstetrics

  • Delivery Packs
  • C-Section Packs
  • Lithotomy Packs
  • Under Buttock Drapes

Orthopaedics / Traumatology

  • Ortho Packs
  • Extremity Packs
  • Hand & Shoulder Packs
  • Hip/knee Replacement Packs
  • Arthoscopy Packs
  • U Drapes
  • O Drapes
  • Vertical Isolation Drapes

Cardiovascular & Angiography

  • Cardiovascular Packs
  • Open Heart Surgery Packs
  • CVTS Drape Set
  • Split Sheet & Parineal Drapes
  • Angiography Drapes (Single and Dual Window)


  • Cystoscopy Packs
  • TUR Packs
  • PCNL Drape Set
  • Urology Drapes (Cystoscopy, PCNL & TUR)

Neuro Surgery & EENT

  • Craniotomy Packs
  • EENT Packs
  • Turban Drapes
  • Eye Drapes