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Infection Prevention

In operation theatres, there is a lot of contact that is made between the patient and the surgeon. Since everything needs to be done fast in order to ensure the life of the patient is saved,

the surgeons’ and nurses’ operation wear may also come into contact with the patient being operated on. For this reason, it is very important to have surgical disposable operation theatre wears.

This is because cleaning of the surgical wear does not guarantee total cleanliness after an operation. Cleaning the theatre wear and wearing them to another operation may pose a great risk of infection to other patients. Infection prevention disposables prevent this and ensure minimal risk of infections.

The other thing that differentiates the infection preventable disposables from the reusable wears is the fact that they are sonically sealed instead of being stitched. The importance of this is that it ensures prevents any strike through and also adds to the protection the surgeon gets. This is something that is incorporated even in the other wears such as hand protection wear and not just the gown.

Surgeons say this design gives them a lot of confidence when operating because they know they are protected from any infection and they can therefore ensure the same for their patients.

Disposable Coverall

Disposable Protective Coverall with Elastic Cuffs, for use In a controlled environment such as a pharmaceutical lab, cleanrooms or micro electronic development spaces.

Disposable Napkin

Disposable Napkin Absorbent with more then 50% Cotton.

HIV Protection Kit

Designed for safety and convenience of surgeons, with the secure attachments for line and tubes on the drapes. Surgeine HIV Protection Kit are lower lint than other surgical kits which reduces the risk of airborne bacterial transmission.

Personal Protection Kit

The Kit contain every thing required to help prevent the spread of infection and enabling infection prevention.

Patient Gown

Patient examination gown are manufactured from economical SPP or SMS, offers non-transparent complete coverage. There are non-Sleeve type, short sleeve type and along sleeve type, always can satisfy your requirement to patient gown.

Isolation Gown

Made from polyethylene-coated polypropylene materials, which offer a high fluid protection. For use in settings where there is probable occurrence of being splashed, sprayed or soaked by bodily fluids and pathogen carriers.

Scrub Suit

Classic Scrub suit offer non-transoarent complete coverage made form breathable, fluid-resistant, multi-layer premium ultra soft SMS with anti-static treatment, which help protect them from fluid and bacteria.