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Procedure Packs

Whether you’re an OR director, materials manager, or GPO administrator, Surgeine Procedure Packs places the information you need about your surgical packs right in your hands. We know that many hospitals use a mix of both standard and custom packs, and Surgeine can help you manage both. For standard packs, you can view photographs of our packs and components and run standardization reports. For our customized packs, you can view, analyse, and manage more easily and quickly.

All Surgeine packs have been redesigned to be more readable, and intuitive, and provide more information at the time of procedure: eliminating wasted time, confusion, and uncertainty. Safety and convenience in a simple solution, are just another reason why Surgeine procedure packs are right for you.

Surgeine understands the financial challenges facing hospitals, and we believe that we provide a unique way to control costs. We do this without requiring you to compromise on quality or service or sacrificing the integrity of your pack program.

Universal Pack

Laparotomy Pack

Laparoscopy Pack

C-Section Pack

Delivery Pack

Extremity Pack

Angiography Pack

Ophthalmology Pack