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Sustainable Manufacturing: The Ethical Future Factory

The manufacturing of products through economically-sound process in terms of benefits to reduce costs and waste, improve operational efficiency, gain competitive advantage, and enhance regulatory compliance meanwhile also enhancing employee, product and community safety.

Surgeine Healthcare always has and is committed towards the vision of Sustainable Manufacturing and to map this we have adopted the process of:

Sustainable Products

Surgeine healthcare is achieving this goal of sustainable manufacturing by

Power Sustainability: Our manufacturing process is manpower focused reducing the dependency on machines which led to lesser power consumption side by side engaging more human resources. We try to Enhancing livelihood opportunities by providing decent work for all with focus more on women empowerment.

Water Sustainability: Our product manufacturing process are defined in such a way that we do not have any dependency on water resources. The only water our manufacturing plants sue are for human consumptions only. Helping saving out this resource for socio-economic development.

Air Sustainability: To reduce the amount of greenhouse gases we discourage any process of involving air contaminations: The Ethylene oxide gas which is used for sterilization process Is scrubbed before releasing which make it non dangerous for humans as well as for environment.