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Universal Pack

(Packed with 2 O.T. Towels)

Universal Pack

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    Items Descriptions Qty
    Adhesive Drapes 75x90cm 2
    Adhesive Drapes 150x180cm 1
    Adhesive Drapes 150x240cm 1
    Standard Surgical Gown L 1
    Standard Surgical Gown XL 1
    Table cover 140x190cm 1
    Gauze Swab 10x10cm-16ply 5
    X-ray Non-woven swab 15x20cm 5
    X-ray Non-woven Abdominal swab W/ Security Ribbon 20x40cm 15
    Scalpel Blade #15 1
    Scalpel Blade #24 1
    Bowl 1000ml 1
    Hand Towel 30x30cm 4
    Needle Counter 10 count 1
    Suction Tube 300cm 1
    Yankauer with Suction Tip 1

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