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Do you have questions about Surgeine Medical Gowns and the standards we follow for Manufacturing?

Our disposable surgical gowns are defined as per the levels of protection required against infections:

  • Minimal risk to low Risk : Standard Gowns
  • Moderate risk : Reinforced Gowns
  • High risk : Breathable Viral Barrier Gown also known as BVB Gowns

The Recognized standard as per American National Standards Institute/Association of the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation (ANSI/AAMI) PB70:2003, states that “Liquid barrier performance and classification of protective apparel and drapes intended for use in health care facilities”.

Surgeine Healthcare follows AAMI PB70 standard in manufacturing of medical gowns.

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What is the purpose of an isolation gown?

The apparel which is used to protect the wearer from the spread of infection or illness if the wearer comes in contact with potentially infectious liquid and solid material, an isolation or medical gown is intended to protect healthcare professionals, patients and visitors of healthcare facility from the transfer of micro-organisms and infections.

What is the difference between terms used for gowns, like “surgical gowns ,” “hospital gowns,” “disposable gowns,” “protection gowns,” “isolation gowns,” etc.?

Surgical gown provide protection against the transfer of microorganisms and particulate material and hence are all members of the same family of products. Depending on the level of protection required, these may be used for anything from janitorial work to visitors to healthcare providers. The wide range of applications and styles that are tailored as per end user’s needs led to the different names this article have.

Reusable Gowns
These gowns are simple ones that are cleaned and disinfected prior to each use. Depending on the type of gown and its protection level it have a limited number of wearing and cleaning cycles (approx. 75 time) before it must be disposed of. These are typically made of cotton or other synthetic woven fabrics.

Single use or Disposable Gowns
As the name say these gowns are disposed after use. This makes their use easy and more straight forward. Also as per facilities management standpoint a cost effective method by avoiding the need to maintain or contract potentially costly laundering services. These are manufacturer by nonwoven polymers and/or films. In countries like Canada, USA, Italy, England and several other jurisdictions, surgical gowns are used during surgeries and are supplied as a sterile product. The FDA’s approach to this term is more based on its protection level then to its name. For example, a “Surgical isolation gown” may not be sterile and may be used in areas where a higher degree of, whereas surgical gowns in the traditional sense of the name typically are”.

Is the fitting of a disposable gown important?

Yes, the fit of an isolation gown is very important, if a medical gown does not fit properly, it can be hazardous as:

  • If the isolation gown is too large for wearer; it can be a tripping hazard.
  • If excess of exposed skin is around the neck opening in the gown, it is likely to be too large for user.
  • If it is too small, the user will not be properly protected, a too tight gown inhibits the user from moving freely and also presents the risks of ripping and being exposed to infection or particular matter.

When should I replace or dispose of a medical gown?

All SURGEINE Medical Gowns are single-use. The gowns should be, discarded and replaced if any type of fluid has soiled it, got penetrated by an object, or if there is any type of abrasion on the gown.

I feel hot after wearing hospital gowns, are there more breathable options in hospital gowns?

SURGEINE sources the most innovative and highest quality materials available, and to resolve this issue we have Breathable Viral Barrier Gown or BVB Gowns. These Medical Gowns allows the end users to be more comfortable while still maintaining the highest levels of protection.

What is AAMI?

Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation referred as AAMI. This is an international standards organization that develops and publishes technical standards for safe and effective use of medical technology was founded in 1965, for advancing of the medical device industry.

How can I locate a Surgeine Healthcare distributor in my area?

Surgeine has deployed distributers worldwide to cater the demand of Healthcare industry. To locate the distributor nearest you, email us at info[at]

How can I get a sample of Surgeine Healthcare product?

Its simple and easy just write to us about your requirement on info[at] and we will get back to with the relevant samples.

If incineration is a safe way to dispose-off single use products?

Yes, Surgeine products can be safely incinerated. The incineration forms primarily water vapour and carbon dioxide, leaving a very small residue of ash.

Do the Isolation Gowns from Surgeine Healthcare are treated to prevent static buildup?

Isolation Gowns from Surgeine are treated with an anti-stat to reduce the potential for static build up.

What are the cuffs in Surgical Gowns made up out of?

The cuffs are made up of 100% Polyester fiber, Weaved to form cuffs.

Is it recommended to re-use sterilization wraps from Surgeine?

No. We at Surgeine does not endorse the re-use (re-sterilization) of sterilization wrap and also does not warrant the performance of the product if it is re-used. Surgeine Sterilization wraps are single-use product.

Does Sterilization Wrap contain natural rubber latex?

No sterilization wraps by surgeine are not made with natural rubber latex.

How long can I wear my disposable Lab Coat/Gown?

All SURGEINE Medical Gowns are single-use. The Lab Coat/Gowns should be, discarded and replaced if any type of fluid has soiled it, got penetrated by an object, or if there is any type of abrasion on the gown.

Is sterilization wraps of Surgeine are compatible with dry heat sterilization process?

No, our sterilization wraps are not compatible with dry heat sterilization. Higher temperature is required in dry heat sterilization process, which could melt or soften surgeine sterilization wrap.

If it is ok to write directly on sterilization wrap with a permanent marker?

As per the standards say “A method of labelling that will not damage the packaging materials should be selected. Generally, a felt tip, indelible-ink marker may be used to record the necessary information on the tape. Never write on the wrapper material – use the tape for this purpose.”

What is the shelf life of a package wrapped in Sterilization Wrap?

Shelf-Life studies confirm that surgeine sterilization wrap provides effective protection for the period of 12 months if stored in ideal conditions. It has been tested to provide protection from contamination.

Why are there different gown types?

Gown types can be defined as per different surgical or non-surgical procedures. We offer, Standard gowns, these can be used for low fluid procedure, for high fluid procedures impervious or reinforced gown are recommended. Some time there is demand for high protection and breathable gowns for long and/or high risk surgeries there Breathable Viral Barrier Gown also known as BVB Gowns are used.

Is it possible to recycle Sterilization Wrap?

Sterilization Wrap are made-up of an inert polymer derived from petrochemicals technically called as polypropylene, and polypropylene comes under plastics recycling code of “5”. Segregation of uncontaminated warps is done prior and then the material can be transported to a re-processor were it can be used to make fence posts, park benches, flower pots and parking bumpers etc.