Angiography Pack

Angiography Pack
Angiography Drape 220x340cms4 holes SMMMS Reinforced1
Back Table Cover160*210cms1
Back Table Cover160*160cms1
Blue Catheter station blue with 4 pocketsOD.14cms, ID.8cms1
Gauze 10 x 10 X12PLY5pcs with blue X-ray Line30
Sponge Stick15cm, green stick2
Needle21G*1 1/2″ Green1
Needle23G*1 1/2” Blue1
Needle25G”* 1″ Orange1
Needle18G”* 1,5″ White1
Syringe2ml Luer slip, white1
Syringe5ml Luer slip, white1
Syringe10ml Red Slip1
Syringe10ml Yellow Slip1
Syringe10ml Blue Slip1
Syringe10ml Luer Slip, White4
Syringe20ml Luer slip, white1
Extension Tube500 psi x 120cm M-M1
Extension Tube500 psi x 120cm M-F1
Bowl500CC PP1
Bowl1000CC PP1
Blue Basin6000 CC1
Kidney Dish Light Blue700CC PP2
Lotion Bowl120ml2
Guidewire Bowl2500CC PP1
Guidewire Bowl LidPP1
DRUG LABELSIsoptin, Nitro, Saline, Adenocine, Lidecaine, Phenyl, Heparin, Contrast1
Fluoroscopy cover81*86cm with RED Lable1
Fluoroscopy cover100cm Blue Lable1
Breather bag48.3*62.18cms1
Aseptor Bag32*15*55cms1
OR Towel Blue50x60cms1
General Surgery Strip