Laparoscopy Pack

Laparoscopy Pack
Laparoscopy Drape250x300x200 cms1
Underbuttocks Drape Without Pouch50x100cm1
Mayo Stand Cover80x140cm1
Standard Surgical Gown L with Absorbent Towel1
Standard Surgical Gown XL1
Label Sheet10 Blank1
Skin Marker1
Table cover140x190cm1
Lithotomy Leggings74x122cm2
OR Towel40x60cm7
Prep Tray1
Scalpel Blade#111
Medicine Cup with Lid60ml1
Suture Bag16x31cm1
Needle Counter10count1
Gauze Swabs with X-ray10x10cm-16ply10
OB Pad13x40cm1
Luer-lock Syringe10ml1
Urethral Catheter Red Polymer14 FR1
General Surgery Strip