At Surgeine the standards of practise of surgical drapes is enhanced uncomparaby. We stand tall in ensuring that our practice in Surgical Drapes is aimed at supporting in improving the health care system.

We have the quality surgical drapes for a contamination-free atmosphere, as far as hygiene is concerned. You will find the high-quality surgical products within the reasonable range. We never compromise with the world-class variety of disposables at Surgeine. Moreover, we make effective utilization of the latest technology to manufacture the medical drapes.

We are a globally certified company and comply with all the industry standards. However, the reason for such recognition of our products is the fluid control facility. To keep the infected persons dry, especially after surgery, is highly important. Moreover, the patients can get protection from the infectious fluids released by the body. Furthermore, all our medical drapes are very reliable for carrying out any of the surgical procedures.

Best Features For Our Disposables

Our expert team of manufacturers focuses mainly on providing a sterile environment. Our surgical drapes give the best solution for harmful wounds. The salient features of each disposables are as follows;-

  • Non-woven
  • Five-layered SMMMS Fabric
  • Flame-resistant
  • Tear-free
  • Low-linting
  • Abrasion-free

We also concentrate on maintaining the durability of the surgical and medical drape. In the medical field, the importance of hygienic drapes is highly crucial. Our organization gives you 100% assurance regarding the improvised version of all the products. In every step, the products will act as a robust preventive measure against microbial infection.

Different Categories Of Drapes

The medical drapes can be classified into the following categories. These are as follows;-

  • Lithotomy: has adhesive area that can be applied directly to the pt’s skin
  • Laparotomy: Used to abdominoperineal resection with the pt in lithotomy position
  • Plain Sheet: Used to extend the sterile field
  • Split sheet: A U -shapes drape used to extremity or head procedures.
  • Stockinette: Used to cover an extremity
  • Leggings: A rectangle shaped drape closely on two sides to form a tent-like pocket.

Get a variety of infection protection equipment from Surgeine as well as the surgical gowns. Just not the drapes; we also manufacture impressive covers for all medical equipment.

Our teams supply Packs and Kits to different hospitals, clinics, and other medical establishments. The extensive range and comfortable materials are the most significant factors to choose our medical drapes.

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