Cystoscopy Packs

Cystoscopy Packs
Non Sterile No.DescriptionCat No.
Cysto Pack-ICysto Pack-IICysto Pack-IIICysto Pack-IVT.U.R. Pack-IT.U.R. Pack-II
1511Cystoscopy Packs /Drape 150×200 cms. 8×12 cms. Fenestration 27×22 Screen11
1512Cystoscopy Packs /Drape 180x220x250 cms. with Leggings 8×12 cms. Fenes. 27×22 Screen11
1513T.U.R. Drape 150×250 cms. with Fluid Collection Pouch & Finger Cot11
1255Plain Drape with Adhesive Medium 100×150 cms.111111
1928Leggings 75×120 cms. 15 cms Cuff2222
2003Hand Towel 30×35 cms.444444
1089Urology Surgical Gown (Large)111
1815Back Table Cover 140×190 cms. 60×150 cms. Absorbent Reinforcement111111
Pack per Case635353
General Surgery Strip