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    Non Sterile No.DescriptionCat No.
    Delivery Pack-IDelivery Pack-IIDelivery Pack-IIIDelivery Pack-IVDelivery Pack-VDelivery Pack-VI
    1941Set-up Cover 100×195 cms.111111
    1933Under Buttock Drapes 75×120 cms. with Fluid Collection Pouch111111
    1942Abdominal Drape 100×150 cms. 30×30 cms. Absorbent Reinforcement111111
    1951Baby Blanket 60×90 cms.1111
    1928Leggings 75×120 cms. 15 cms. Cuff222222
    2003Hand Towel 30×35 cms.222222
    2003̨Gauge Swap 10×10 cms. 8 Ply1010
    Cord Clamp11
    Bulb Syringe 60 ml.11
    Vaginal Sponge11
    Placenta Basin11
    Maternity Pad111
    1003Standard Surgical Gown (Large)11
    1015Reinforced Surgical Gown (Large)1
    1815Back Table Cover 140×190 cms. 60×150 cms. Absorbent Reinforcement111111
    Pack per Case10814121412

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