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Universal Packs

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    Non Sterile No.DescriptionCat No.
    Basic Pack-IBasic Pack-IIBasic Pack-IIIBasic Pack-IVBasic Pack-V
    1803Mayo Stand Cover 80×145 cms.11111
    1251Plain Drape Small 75×90 cms.4422
    1254Plain Drape Medium 100×150 cms.112
    1257Plain Drape Large 150×200 cms.111
    2001Adhesive Tape Strip 9×51 cms.11111
    1271Utility Drape with Adhesive 50×75 cms.22
    1003Standard Surgical Gown (Large)2
    1815Back Table Cover 140×190 cms.11111
    Pack per Case2016151014

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