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Universal Packs

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    Non Sterile No.DescriptionCat No.
    Upper Extremity Pack-IUpper Extremity Pack-IIShoulder Pack-IShoulder Pack-IIHand Pack-IHand Pack-II
    1441Upper Extremity drape 195×300 cms. 6 cms. Conformation Fenestration11
    1447Shoulder Split Drape 150×250 cms. 6 cms. Conformation Fenestration11
    1256Body Split Drape 225×300 cms. 25×65 cms. Adhesive Split11
    1246Hand Drape 100x290x350 cms. 3 cms. Conformation Fenestration11
    1245Impervious Split Drape 140×175 cms. 10×50 cms. U Cut Adhesive Split1111
    1955Plain Drape with Adhesive Large 150×200 cms.11
    1462Impervious Stockinette 30×100 cms.1111
    2003Hand Towel 30×35 cms.444444
    1803Mayo Stand Cover 80×145 cms.
    70×80 cms. Absorbent Reinforcement
    1465Adhesive Tape Strip 9×51 cms.444444
    1015Reinforced Surgical Gown (Large)222
    1815Back Table Cover 140×190 cms. 60×150 cms. Absorbent Reinforcement111111
    Pack per Case11910897

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