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As a professional medical or surgical practitioner, it goes without saying that you know how crucial it is to work within the standard required operational procedures. This includes handling your patient with care and ensuring maintenance of a highly sterile environment. When it comes to maintaining aseptic conditions in surgical hospital settings, we are your trusted partner to get the necessary hospital supplies from. We specialize in production and supply of high quality products such as hospital gowns, isolation gowns, disposable OT wears, sterilization wraps, and other highly essential hospital surgical supplies that help maintain aseptic environments to prevent occupational cross Infection.

Having been in the industry for the last few decades, we have transformed into a leading manufacturer of high quality medical and surgical products needed in hospital and laboratory settings. Owing to our long serving hands-on experience, ever-growing expertise in the field, and provision of supplies at highly affordable prices, we have gained huge reputation as one of the best Indian brand for surgical supplies you can trust.

We Ensure High Product Quality

Our disposable medical gowns, hospital scrubs, and sterilization wraps are made from imported high quality fabric and designed to comply with the guidelines of the WHO and GMP. If you need a particular sized high quality sterile gown meant for a specific application, we are the provider to look for. Ours are surgical supplies meant to offer the best protection and maintain the highest quality of sterilization with high fluid repellency level and great durability. They are meant to ensure maximum protection and comfort for each procedure.

A Wide Range Of Hospital and Surgical Supplies

We have a wide variety of products to choose from, based on design, material and comfort practitioner’s preferences.

Surgical Gowns

Since every use may have their own preferences when it comes to Surgery gowns, we provide various styles for you to choose from. These include Microcare, bond, Lyra, and Comforto. We also have disposable surgical gowns as well as options meant for long term use with particular sterilization measures. Of the four styles mentioned, each one of them provides unique qualities offered by the different fabrics they are made from. However, all of our products are designed to offer maximum comfort, flexibility and safety while maintaining a sterile operational field. Our surgical wraps and drapes also provide reliable adhesion, comfort and superior strength.

Sonic Sealing For Maximum Protection – unlike other options that are regularly stitched, our surgical and disposable isolation gowns provide protection from strike through, thanks the sonically sealed seams they feature.

Generous Sizing – Different people have different body forms and sizes. To provide a ‘one-fit-many’ solution, our gowns have wider cuts in the sleeves and the checks area. They also feature an adjustable neck closure to provide a better fit and maximum protection.

Flame Protection – The quality used on our surgical disposable gowns meet the required standards for textile flammability. These ensure you a safe and sound working environment for you and your patient.

Sterilization Wraps
For provision of high level protection from fluids and possible contaminants, our Sterilization wraps are made from high quality SMMS fabric. These help provide maximum protection from contaminants such as microbes and particulates.

Surgical Drapes
We also provide impervious surgical drapes that ensure a high degree of comfort, high adhesion level, impervious fluid control and superb strength.

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