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An Overview on Surgical Drapes

Primarily the function of drapes is to create a sterile field on an incision during surgery to provide the infection barrier. A surgical drape is used to cover the patient and incision is done through the opening in the drape. According to doctors, the quality of surgical drapes matters a lot during the medical procedure. It is necessary to choose a surgical drape that gives reliability and the best performance.

Medical professionals are the one who saves lives through their proficient knowledge. Hygiene and sanitization are the most important part of this whole process. Keeping that concern in mind doctors follow some prevention measures while choosing the surgical drapes that minimize the risk during and after the surgery.

Few ways to analyze the risk of surgical drapes

To analyze the risk of surgical drapes from the perspective of the finest surgical result, some considerable points to look over the qualities of drapes.

Barrier protection

Without compromising barrier integrity surgeons always look for the best quality surgical drape, which gives the comfortable and firm grip.

Resistant to strike through

Mostly drapes designs are strike resistance so it gives durability to the drapes along with the feature of lint and scratch resistant.

Fluid control element

Fluid control feature majorly entails in orthopedic surgery and some drapes designs are specialized in effective fluid management for obstetric, gynecological and C-section procedures. It has in-build pouches, which helps in controlling the body fluids and blood, it is easy to clean up and disposable.

Consistent adhesion

Surgeons always suggest skin friendly adhesive tape and the finest quality, to make safe drapes in place. Many procedural drapes designs include incising such as open-heart drape, craniotomy drape, C- Section drapes, etc.

Flame resistance

Using the flame resistance drapes is the effective way to minimize the risk of fire in the operating room. In operating room the ignition source as an electrosurgical unit or laser equipment and the use of oxidizer and fire create the more risk, to avoid this non-woven surgical drapes are the best option.

Excellent strength and comfort

Surgeons always prefer the finest quality of drapes with the best strengthen quality and comfort feature. It allows the doctors to give the proper treatment to the patient.
Now surgical drapes are available with the premium quality in different fabrics as Spunlace, SMMMS, and Trilaminate. Numerous varieties of medical products include non-wovens disposable surgical drapes, cloth drape, sterile surgical drape and much more.

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