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Why do we need Surgical drapes & Packs?


Surgical drapes and packs are used in the OR sections of all the medical institutions. Primarily, it serves to cover the patient so that no fluid is discharged in an unregulated manner and no transmission of microbial infection takes place. As is obvious, doctors use surgical drapes to prevent any kind of infectious transmissions during minor or major surgical operations.


Major properties of Surgical drapes prepared by Surgeine Healthcare


Surgeine Healthcare believes in employing leading edge technology to meet the standards as laid down by the medical authorities. It prepares disposable surgical drapes which are meticulously designed to meet various requirements. Some of its essential features are-

  • These disposable drapes are impervious to penetration of any alcoholic or non-alcoholic fluid so as to block the possibility of any kind of wound infection.
  • The fluid control features keep the wound dry and also eliminate the entry of any of the infections that could worsen the wound.
  • Specially designed fluid collection pouches are also a USP of our surgical drapes and packs.
  • Five layered SMMMS fabric is manufactured by the company that id abrasion, rust as well as flame resistant.

Disposable Surgical Drapes manufactured by Surgeine Healthcare for different purposes are:


  1. Cardiovascular and Angiography– Femoral Angiography Drape Adhesive Fenestration is one of the most skin friendly adhesive drapes that is quite elastic and easily disposable by nature.
  2. General Surgery- For the purpose of general surgery, our company has produced multiple drapes like Fenestrated Drapes, Laparoscopic Drapes, Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy Drape, Plain Drape, Strip Drape, Utility and Transverse Laparoscopic Tape. All these drapes are quite resistant to any fluid.
  3. Gynaecology and Obstetrics– For these departments, Surgeine Healthcare manufactures and supplies baby blankets, C-Section Drape with 3600 Pouch as well as leggings with firm elasticity. The company also manufactures Lithotomy T Drapes.
  4. Neuro and EENT- For this department, Surgeine Healthcare has a variety of drapes such as Craniotomy Drape Incise Area with Pouch and Port, EENT Split Drape Adhesive Split and many other to Xserve the purpose of careful bounding of the wound.
  5. Orthopaedics and Traumatology- Hip U Tape, Impervious Split Drape and Lower and Upper Extremity Drape Confrontation Fenestration are also the popular drapes manufactured by Surgeine Healthcare.
  6. Urology- With consistent changes in the urological processes, new innovations are taking place every day. Surgeine Healthcare produces drapes like Cystoscopy Drapes, PCNL Drapes and T.U.R Drape with Fluid Collection to meet the customers’ requirement.


For all the aforementioned purposes, surgical packs are also manufactured by Surgeine Healthcare in abundant quantity. Our focus on quality has made thousands of surgeons to operate confidently in highly infectious areas. They are reliable, cost effective as well as highly comfortable drapes and packs trusted by the customers globally.


How is SURGEINE a reliable alternative for the customers?

Keeping in mind all the safety measures prescribed by CSSD, Surgeine Healthcare makes high quality surgical drapes and packs. They are not only manufactured with care, but are also packed, transported and distributed with strict adherence to the guidelines issued by the Health Care Authorities. Also Surgeine Healthcare is a European CE Certified manufacturer of drape and packs. 

If you are looking for your one stop solution for any of the medical equipment, you can approach SURGEINE and can stay assured that you have made the safe and secure choice. Since Surgeine Healthcare comes with a vast variety of options to choose the most suitable one, there is no apparent reason why should you not go for it.

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