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This high tech fabric comprises of a total of five layers in which three middle layers are melt blown fabrics and two external covers on either side are spun bonded fabrics. The combination results in high tensile strength, superior filtration and extreme pliability resulting in comfort and ease of movement. SMMS is ideal for OR gowns and drapes and for use as sterilization wraps. The composite fabric possesses superior properties when it comes to isolating dust particles, alcohol, blood, bacteria and viruses.

Three layers in which
Two layers are spun bonded fabrics with high absorption capability
One layer of melt blown fabric for liquid repellancy

• Outstanding breathability and imperviousness to alcohol, blood, bacteria and virus
• High tensile strength—will not tear or rupture
• Remarkably soft and pliable for extreme comfort and ease while working

• Gowns
• Drapes
• Sterilization Wraps

Dual Laminate Fabric
Dual Laminate Fabric is produced by using polyethene film bonded to a layer of highly absorbent dry laid non-woven fabric. It has superior stregnth and is ideal for use as drapes and for reinforcement zones. It is also recommended for use as covers for expensive medical equipments. This dual laminate fabric is produced in ultra-clean environments on modern equipments, untouched by hand to assure highest levels of hygiene. Even before process, raw materials are stored in clean rooms and checked as well as sanitized before use in production. Superior heat lamination ensures all pathogens are destroyed while layers adhere perfectly without the risk of coming apart during use.

• High quality fabric for each layer
• Each layer fabric has high tensile strength to resist tear
• Each layer is soft and highly pliable for moulding around corners and contours
• High absorbent drylaid non-woven fabric assures liquids are absorbed and retained
• Cast PE film assures repellency and proves a barrier to blood, liquids, bacteria and virus

• Covers for expensive medical equipments, with flaps to keep the cover on while in use and ensure higher levels of protection
• Draps in OR to guard against splash and spills

Tri Laminate Fabric
Trilaminate fabric is composed of a top layer of drylaid non-woven highly absorbent fabric, a polyethene film middle layer and a bottom layer of spunbonded polypropylene delivering flexibility, strength and protection as barrier against pathogens and liquids. Manufactured to highest quality standards using the finest raw materials and processes, trilaminate fabric exceeds EN13795 standards recommended for draps and gowns. This fabric is ideal for Level IV drapes.

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