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As aforementioned, all the items that are contained in a Universal Surgical pack play a vital role in any medical institution or organization. The entire pack is required to be packed in a strictly hygiene environment so that the health of the consumers is not trifled with. Moreover, it needs to be ascertained that the products are packaged as per the criteria proclaimed by Food and Drugs Administration. Surgeine, a universally acclaimed medical company, has been manufacturing, packaging as well as exporting these highly demanded packs in a sterile and ready-to use format so as to save the time and increase efficiency of the medical health Care Workers.

Surgeine prepares the packs that are not only easily portable but also quite cost effective so that everybody could be enabled to use these in dire circumstances. It is worthwhile to note that ever since COVID-19 has spread its tentacles globally, the requirement of the packs has multiplied significantly. In order to meet the ever-surmounting requirement, the manufacturers have to work diligently while keeping up with the standards it has promised to its customers.

What do Universal Surgical Packs contain?

Surgical Gowns (Disposable)

Bottom Drapes (with the standard size of 195 cm *195 cm)

Top Drapes (with the standard size of 125 cm*275 cm)

Side Drapes (with the standard size of 100*60 cm)

Suture Bag (with the standard size of 20*30 cm)

Back Table Cover (with the standard size of 125*200 cm). They usually come with PE film.

Hand Towels (with the standard size of 35*35 cm)

Overhead Covers (with the standard size of 20*30 cm)

All these items come in portable dimensions and very rarely deviate from their regular size. When it happens, it is only to meet particular packaging guidelines.

Special features of the Universal Surgical Packs

  • All these items are tear-resistant and are immune to abrasion
  • All the drapes are adequately adhesive and do have fluid control feature as well.
  • All the tubes as well as lines are carefully attached to prevent the undesirable flow of the content.
  • The fabrics are also properly reinforced to hinder the flow and to prevent slippage.
  • The fabric of all the products is low linting to stop aerial transmission of bacteria and to eliminate the possibility of microbial infection.

What makes the Universal Surgical Packs by Surgeine the best?

In addition to having all the features mentioned above, the packs prepared by Surgeine also have the following benefits:

  1. High rate of success in obstructing Hospital Acquired Infection owing to its disposable nature.
  2. Competently time effective owing to compact packaging.
  3. Revered quality of all the products as international acknowledgment is attributed to all the equipment.
  4. Easy to store due to its adaptable packaging.
  5. Quite convenient to dispose due to its flexible texture and light weight.

As Surgeine Healthcare not only promises supreme quality but also consistent advancements in its services, the consumers swear by its products and their happy reviews are in themselves an open recommendation of its products as well its services. For more information about the products, contact us on [].

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