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A surgical gown is an essential part of any process which takes place in the operating theatre. Any doctor or his co-worker involved in the surgery wears the gown to safeguard him. The function of gown is to protect the transmission of infection and body liquids from the staff to the treated person or vice-a-versa.

There are numerous requirements mentioned for the performance of surgical gowns. Following are a few such characteristics which define an essential part for every gown:

· Gowns should be resistant to any kind of seepage by blood or other fluids.
· Maintain their purity
· Should be flexible and durable
· High-class quality well accepted as per the industrial standards and guidelines (no holes or other defect in the fabric)
· The manufacturing should be such that the fabric is well suitable to the sterilization process. (either through radiation or ethylene oxide)
· Combustion resistant and well agreed to the flammability standards.
· Comfortable to wear and nicely fit without any lose ends.
· Should be made out of lint-proof fabric.
· Tear, puncture or abrasion resistant.
· The sleeve length should be properly measured to avoid the exposure of cuff to insensitive atmosphere.
· Don’t let the cost be your primary criterion to slect the surgical gown. Safety comes first.
· Should provide enough space for movement
· Limited memory
· It should be capable of controlling the harmful microbes that may be released into the theatre space and thus maintain the healthy and hygienic aura.
· It should have the capable of maintaining the isothermal environment for the weaver.

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