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Surgical gowns and drapes are a set of clothing that ensures the safety and high-class hygiene. There are a number of necessary guidelines that any manufacturer needs to follow for the perfect availability of these sterile gowns and drapes as prescribed in the European Standard EN 13795.

It states the following:
– The gown or the drape has to be resistant to any kind of germ penetration. (wet and dry)
– There is a zero release of any harmful particle
– The sterile clothing have a huge liquid barrier
– They are highly sturdy (wet and dry)
– If included over long hours, the gown or the drape is comfortable to wear and handle
– They are immensely absorbent

The gowns and drapes constitute a large and important of surgeries today and they have been proved practical during the course of dynamic operations, especially where a lot of fluid is involved. This is the reason why government and other renowned medical agencies have set up some rules and guidelines for the manufacturing of such unique products. The surgical textiles have to guarantee the practice of such standards in their process of manufacturing to win the authenticity. The last two mentioned requirements form the mandatory field in the production and analysis process for a gown or a drape by EN 13795 standards worldwide.

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