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That might sound like a loud title, but here are some reasons why Surgeine offers one of the best disposables on the market.

Experience Surgeine Healthcare was designing, manufacturing and exporting surgical disposables since 2002. It possesses all the required certifications: ISO 9001, ISO 13485, CE 1023, and is WHO GMP Compliant. Although meeting the standards, established by the AAMI (Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation) is a must, Surgeine’s mission is to exceed those. In fact, medical equipment standards focus on the material and manufacturing quality of the apparel and tools, while the design is often left at the discretion of the manufacturer. Here’s where Surgeine uses all its experience, professionalism and dedication to excel.

Materials Infections should be prevented at any cost, and here’s where the quality of the materials becomes important.

Our surgical gowns, drapes and equipment covers offer enhanced lint protection. Our CSSD packaging tissues conform to ISO 11607:2006, our surgical gowns meet and even exceed the EN13795 standards. In other words, our products offer complete liquid, bacterial and virus protection, even on the seams and under pressure. We always opt for non-woven materials, and we don’t forget about comfort either — our gowns and personal protection products offer breathability and air circulation. At Surgeine Healthcare, we believe that surgeons should have the minimum amount of distractions and inconveniences possible.

Design What’s so unique about the design of our products? Fact is, over the past decades, our specialists have been working to achieve flawless designs, aimed to consider even the lesser details and needs of the surgeon. Our mission is to enhance surgeons’ performance and productivity by providing them with comfortable-to-use products.

For instance, our surgical drapes include in-built pouches for fluid containment; those poaches are specially made to be easy to clean. Our drapes also include skin-friendly adhesive, allowing to securing the drape on the same place. Incises are placed on strategically important spots, in order to facilitate different kind of operations, including c-sections, craniotomy, open heart surgeries, etc.

Variety Every operation is different; Surgeine Healthcare provides the best solution for every situation. Our gowns come in different sizes and are divided in four categories. Each category is aimed to fulfill different needs and has its own comfort/protection balance. Also, each category is sub-divided in four sub-categories, each of which offers additional protection options. Our CSSD packages come in three strength/resistance categories, yet even the strongest one have complete drapeability.

At Surgeine Healthcare, we also offer complete surgical disposable packages, oriented for every specific situation, some of which include: Laparotomy, Laparoscopy Cholecystectomy, Cardiovascular Split, Angiography, Cystoscopy, TUR, and Craniotomy packs.

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