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Isolation gowns are an essential drape to be worn by the visitors and the surgeons who are around the patients exposed to bacterial infection. These gowns are ideally supposed to protect the wearer against any form of liquid transmission, aerial infection and also contractable virus. About 80% of medical staff in Europe and USA prefer disposable isolation gowns instead of the reusable ones since the latter are not safe and reliable enough to protect the wearer for a long duration of time.

Therefore, medical practitioners demand isolation gowns that are safe, comfortable as well as economical. Surgeine Healthcare is one of the most revered company that has been catering to this requirement for multiple years now.

Manufacturing of Isolation Gowns by Surgeine Healthcare

Surgeine has always prioritized quality over everything and the minute detailing and research with which their disposable isolation gowns are manufactured is a glaring testimony of the same. Using highly competent nonwoven fibre bonding technologies and by modifying the thermal, mechanical or chemical properties of the fabric, Surgeine Healthcare offers isolation gowns that are better than the gowns that are haphazardly prepared by interlocking different geometries of fibres.

Surgeine Healthcare prefers using synthetic fibres like Polypropylene, Polyester, Polyethylene to make adjustable and flexible isolation gowns.  Strictly adhering to the guidelines and regulations issued by CSSD and AAMI, we manufacture easily wearable gowns.

The complex design of the gowns can cause the surgeons trouble if they are to be worn in an emergency. Keeping this concern in mind, Surgeine Healthcare focusses on ensuring easy mobility while wearing isolation gowns. They come with Velcro necks and ultrasonic welded material so that the person draping the isolation gown can easily and safely move around in an infection-prone zone.

Moreover, conforming to the precautionary standards established by CPSC16CF (part 1610), Surgeine Healthcare only advocates use of disposable isolation gowns. Repeated use of the washable gowns has been discouraged for a long time due to its high-risk factor and we do not compromise with the precious lives of our valuable customers.

Types of Isolation Gowns manufactured and supplied by Surgeine Healthcare

Following gloves, isolation gowns are the second most used item in PPE kits so there certainly are many types available of the same. The choice of the gown to be opted for depends on multiple factors such as cost, regulation, degree of danger of transmission of infection as well as the suitability of the fabric.

Primarily, Surgeine Healthcare produces different types of gowns, experimenting with the kind of neck patterns to wrist design. Principally, tie pattern, tape tab style and hook and loop closures are manufactured by the company to ensure easy adjustability as well as firm rigidity to hold the cloth in its place. FDI is the highest authority of USA that supervises the quality and type of isolation gowns to be worn by Health Care Workers. Surgeine Healthcare complies to its standards and manufactures elastic, thumb loose as well-knit pattern for the wrist design.


As is already well explicated, Surgeine Healthcare employs a multidimensional approach when it comes to preparing disposable isolation gowns. Not deterring from any of the permissible standard of manufacturing, it manages to give its customers a unique and extra protective care on account of its sense of commitment and its accentuation on quality over quantity. If any hospital or OR is looking for highly trustworthy disposable isolation gowns, Surgeine Healthcare has to the absolute choice. For more information contact us on [HERE].

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