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A significant amount of Surgical Site Infections (SSI), emanate from the bacteria in the human skin, hair, and scalp of the surgical personnel. It is the primary reason why surgery department staff must wear proper medical scrubs and attire. Even though traditionally surgical clothes comprised of reusable cotton or polyester due to their comfortability and superb absorptive qualities, they released fluff into the patient’s surgical wound. Furthermore, the surgical garments required thorough cleaning and sterilization before reusing. The sterilization, however, could not guarantee that the surgical garments are sterile. Such challenges led to the emergence of the more practical and reliable disposable garments made from breathable, skin friendly and non-woven material.

The following are valid reasons Why disposable cloths for surgeons are best and any credible professional surgeon should consider the disposable surgical clothes for their surgery environment.

Reduces lint and airborne particle circulation

Movement of fiber and airborne particles within the operation environment significantly affects the healing and recovery process. The disposable surgical clothes do not have dust and therefore minimizes the surgical wound’s microbial contamination consequently maximizing healing.

Safety of the laundry staff

In an institution where the surgeons use reusable drapes, they leave the protective gear in the hands of the laundry personnel. In most cases the laundry staff might not be privy the kind of contamination on the clothes. Furthermore, they handle several garments. Without caution, they might contract infections more so in the event of an outbreak.

It is cost effective

Contrary to the initial perception that using disposable surgical garments is being wasteful, it is cost efficient. While Reusable surgical work wear seems an affordable option, it does have several hidden costs. For instance, there is the cost associated with cleaning and sanitizing the clothes namely buying the cleaning detergents, maintaining the cleaning equipment as well as training and compensating the cleaning staff. Also, there is the risk of exposing the surgical personnel, the laundry staff and the patient to bacteria, which might result in re-infection or worse legal suits on negligence claims.

Time saving

The disposable clothes help the surgical department save time since it eliminates time-consuming tasks like washing, sanitizing, bleaching, drying as well as ironing procedures. In most cases, the disposable garments are clean, sterile and ready for instant use The surgeon only need to concern themselves with sanitizing the surgery equipment.

Professional look

When you use disposable surgical clothes, the staff appear sanitary and professional all through since on each occasion they have new protective gear. It contrasts the appearance presented by reusable surgical gear whose quality diminishes with each use and wash. Moreover, with the disposable clothes, there is no possibility of previous stains appearing on the fabrics.

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