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In a clinical setting or medical-related work environment, patient and staff infection control should be a primary concern. Surgeine Healthcare understands that you are reluctant to gamble with the well-being of your personnel and offers a variety of products specially designed to maintain personnel infection control.

Personal protection infection control products are frequently used in healthcare settings, for instance:

Doctors’ offices,
Clinical labs.

If used properly, personal protection infection control products act as a barrier between infectious material like bacterial and viral contaminants, and your mouth, skin, eyes, or the nose (mucous membranes). Even better, the barrier can inhibit transmission of contaminants from:
* Body fluids,
* Blood,
* Respiratory secretions.

Ideally, Surgeine offers a complete portfolio of protective apparels for the healthcare industry. These include:

• Shoe Cover,
• Bed Sheet and Pillow Cover,
• HIV Protection Kit,
• Scrub Suit,
• Isolation Gown,
• Patient Gown,
• Coverall Suit,
• Lab Coat,
• Protective Apron.

The following is a brief description of the listed products:

1. Shoe Cover

Shoe covers provide a barrier against possible exposure to a contaminated environment. Surgeine is a reputed manufacturer of shoe covers that are:
*Non- woven,
*Available in different sizes,
*Sonically sealed with seams and have tunnelized elastic around the ankles.

2. Bed Sheet and Pillow Cover

Hospital bed sheets and pillow covers have to be well protected as dandruff, dead skin, contaminated fluids and dirty air on bed sheets and pillows in hospital wards expose patients to the risk of diseases such as chickenpox, flu, leprosy and even hepatitis. Surgeine provides high-quality bed sheet and pillow covers to the health care industry that are:

(i) Non- woven
(ii) Water and blood repellent
(iii) Plastic and PE coated
(iv) Highly resistant to tear

3. HIV Protection Kit

Surgeine’s HIV protection kits are tested and made of high-quality material. Even better, they are:
Made using non-woven fabric,
Feature a unique design that facilitates easy sterilization,
Custom made according to your specifications.

4. Scrub Suit

Typically referred to as “scrubs,” these suits are worn when handling potentially contaminated materials to avoid contamination of your street clothing. Usually, high-quality scrubs are:
1 Made from non-absorbent material that can easily resist: water, chemicals and blood,
2 Easily adjusted and proportioned to give both women and men a comfortable fit,
3 Available in light shades to reduce glare under light.

5. Isolation Gown

Isolation gowns are mostly the preferred personal protection infection control products for clothing to aprons, which are frequently used where limited contamination is anticipated. Surgeine offers high-quality gowns that are:
(i) Generously sized for flexibility and full coverage,
(ii) Made from fluid resistant, lightweight material,
(iii) PE coated and non-woven.

6. Patient Gown

Surgeine offers a quality range of patient gowns that are comfortable and easily adjustable on the back or front. Ideally, patients can have their gowns custom made with non-woven fabric and in different sizes and designs.

7. Coverall Suit

Coverall suits offer an excellent barrier protection.
They are made of high-density polyethene which creates a unique non-woven material,
The protection is built into the fabric itself such that it cannot be worn away or abraded,
Surgeine coverall suits are specially engineered with a unique comfort design to give you what you want: improved mobility, a greater range of movement and better overall comfort.

8. Lab Coat

Being the leading manufacturer of lab coats, we design lab coats that:
Protect your clothing and skin from dirt, biohazards without aerosol exposure, and ink,
Find application in pharmaceutical and chemical industries,
Tested for quality and comfort,
Flame resistant.

9. Protective Apron

Aprons must be worn when you are in close contact with equipment, material, or patients that pose a risk of contamination with body fluids or blood. Interesting enough, our protective aprons find application in chemical industries and the medical sector. These aprons are available in different colors and sizes and are specially made with an absorbent material.

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