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Microcare BVB Fabric (Breathable Viral Barrier) Gown

Microcare BVB is a high tech fabric comprising of a thin microporous breathable monolithic membrane sandwiched between two soft fabric layers. The outer layer is liquid repellant while the inner layer is soft and pliable. It has high vapour permeability while blocking liquids besides offering maximum protection against transmission of viruses and bacteria. The fabric is soft, pliable and drapes well, offering extreme comfort during extended surgical procedures. BVB is recommended especially for use during surgical procedures being carried out on virus infected patients and is the perfect barrier against transmission of HIV, H1N1 and Avian Influennza viruses. At the same time it is breathable and thus provides comfort to the wearer. The external layer is highly water repellent while the inner layer is soft and pliable.

We use specialized monolothic, non-porous structure to provide impermeability against viruses and bacteria while vapour can easily pass through, keeping the surgeon comfortable. Besides, the fabric has a low lint count and low flammability characteristics conforming to 6 CFR 1610.4. Another advantage is high tear resistance and tensile strength, safeguarding against rips and tears. Its extreme ductility and pliability make it soft and quiet to avoid distraction during procedures.

BVB Fabric is manufactured to highest quality standards, exceeding AAMI PB 70 Level 4 norms and EN 13795 norms.

In addition the fabric passes all tests according to ASTM F1671 for resistance to pathogen penetration.

Our BVB material has highest levels of protection against risks during biopsies, opthalmological procedures, tonsilectomies, endoscopic and gastrointestinal procedures, mastectomies, orthopedic procedures and in just about any situation where the hands and arms are in a body cavity and are exposed to risk of bacterial or viral infection. BVB exceeds PB 70 barrier performance and passes AATCC 42 WI tests. The monolithic film possesses superior barrier properties against viruses and bacteria in comparison to microporous film while having the same excellent breathability characteristics. In the current scenario BVB has proved to be the best choice for surgeon wear during extended surgical procedures.

BVB summary
1. Excellent protection against fluids, bacteria and virus
2. Superior breathability characteristics
3. Light, comfortable, pliable yet highly tear resistant
4. Free of Fluorine
5. Low lint factor
6. Low flammability characteristics to 16 CFR 1610.4
7. Soft and pliable

BVB material undergoes ASTM F1671 test method for resistance to penetration by pathogens and viruses. Our BVB fabrics are tested using bacteriophage penetration test systems using surrogate Phi-X174 bacteriophage. Sample testing show highest level 4 protection for BVB, conforming to ASTM 1670 for drapes and ASTM F1671 for gowns, in a variety of surgical procedures where surgeon’s hands penentrate body cavities. BVB has highest resistance to pressure, to fluid spray or splash and resists high volume fluid sprays.

BVB also has the highest puncture resistance under the toughest operating conditions, conforming to ASTM tear and burst strength tests and tensile tests. It exceeds ratings for grab tensile test, trapezoid tear test and burst strength, assuring highest levels of confidence in users through extreme protection.

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