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Virosel Surgical Gowns made with Virosel Fabric (Level -4)

Surgical Gowns of level 4, made with the Virosel fabric, provide protection against microbial penetration by providing a barrier that reduces the potential for shadowing and act as a repellent to all forms of transmissions between two highly sensitive surfaces. They also come up with a robust seam seal that makes these gowns ideal to be used in CCU, ICU, Trauma Centers as well as High Risk Emergency cases. All sorts of pathogens that can be innocuous for the respiratory system or the internal organs are blocked by the use of these Virosel Surgical Gowns. It would be worthwhile to mention some of the most distinguishable features of Virosel’s fabric at this point.


Virosel fabric has the following characteristics-


  1. It contains a dark inner layer that enables the reduction of shadowing and makes the gown soft and hence comfortable to be worn.
  2. In order to ensure an absolutely impervious protection, these gowns come with a breathable filmy membrane.
  3. Gowns with the manufactured by Surgeine Healthcare are also quite light weight and are easy to be worn and taken off due to the hook and cuff pattern on the back and the sleeves respectively.
  4. The outer layer of these gowns is repellent to the transmission of undesirable fluid particles.
  5. It provides a multidimensional protection against all forms of microbial, bacterial as well as Viral infections in addition to being extremely low-noise and flexible in its composition.
  6. One of the best features of this fabric under consideration is that it can endure hydrostatic pressures, even more than 100 cm sometimes.
  7. It also provides an opportunity to converters to seal the gowns adequately without compromising with the quality of the gown. Opacity reduces potential for shadowing from fluid spilled on the gown.
  8. The best feature of the Virosel fabric is that it is authorized by 510k as well as FDA. This premium standardization makes this fabric extremely dependable.

In addition to the aforementioned features of the Virosel fabric used in Surgical Gowns (Level-4), these gowns are also quite impervious to the entry of even the slightest of unwarranted particles owing to their highly refined pattern. Level 4 Surgical Gowns, as is understood, are worn only under intensive medical conditions and hence the use of Virosel fabric only consolidate its strength, tenacity as well durability.


How are the Virosel -Surgical Gowns level 4 the best in the industry?

In order to restrain the flow of high moisture, these surgical gowns made up of Virosel fabric that are also well enabled to eliminate the entry of blood borne pathogen. This tri-layered composition enables the surgeons to focus on the patients in a uni-linear manner. Surgeine Healthcare uses this fabric to manufacture AAMI Level 4 gowns under strict medical conditions. Aligning to the established standards of safety, security and hygiene, Surgeine Healthcare has been manufacturing, packaging as well as distributing these Surgical gowns across Europe and beyond quite successfully. Anyone who wants to avail best services in the domain should certainly get in touch with Surgeine Healthcare as the company is known for its dedicated, committed and impeccable services.

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