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There are certain things which one needs to evaluate before deciding on what type of packaging system has to be purchased for the use, especially for the items that are sterilized. The type and method of sterilization used to sterile the items also plays an important role.

According to the ARON (Association of Perioperative Registered Nurses), following guidelines have to be considered for sterilization packaging systems:

1. The packaging system should have an effective barrier to microorganisms, other particulates and liquids.

2. Maintain the sterility of the contents until they are used.

3. It should permit sterility saturation and removal that allows direct contact with every surface of items.

4. There should be no toxic ingredients or non-fast dyes

5. The package should be closed tightly and secured completely

6. The lint should be too low

7. It allows aseptic presentation to the sterile field

8. Protects items from any sort of physical damage

9. Tear or puncture resistant

10. Gives sufficient and reliable tamper-evident seal system

11. Should be of sufficient size distributing the content uniformly

12. The packaging should allow content identification

13. Cost effective

14. It should be easy to use either while preparing or opening the pack

15. The manufacturer’s instructions should be written for comfortable and quick use.

It is vital to follow the set guidelines of ARON as it ensures the longer and hygienic span of the surgical contents.

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