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Surgeine Healthcare: Disposable Surgical Drapes

Surgeine Healthcare is known in the asian and european market as one of the most transparent and standardized organizations that follow all the norms set up by ISI for the medical equipment most diligently. Since we are the clear choice for thousands of surgeons out there, we cannot compromise with the quality of the material manufactured and sold by us. Our surgical drapes are manufactured under strict surveillance and are permitted to be sold in the market after they have cleared the quality test. ISI standardards for disposable surgical drapes ensures that the drapes are medically safe and do not allow transmission of contamination in any form. As Surgeine Healthcare promotes safety and security of all, it confidently makes its drapes undergo all the pertinent qualitative assessments.

ISI Standardds of Surgical drapes manufactured by Surgeine Healthcare

Following are the certifications Surgeine strictly abides by-

  1. ISO 13485:2016 certification– This certification conducts a thorough inspection of the operations of the drapes. It is one of the most trustworthy quality management systems that allow the medical companies to prove their pertinence in the industry. Surgeine haelthcare follows all the guidelines of testing and inspection as suggestion by ISO 13485:2016 certification and is ISO 13485 CERTIFIED FROM TÜV RHEINLAND  hence can be relied upon. In addition to ascertaining resource management, it also takes accountability of the elimination of the risk that might be involved while using these disposable surgical drapes. Surgeine Healthcare also commits itself to maintain high standards of hygiene before exporting any of these products.
  2. EN 13795 Certification– This is also one of the internationally considered standardization to test the quality of the surgical equipment. Surgeine Healthcare makes sure to conduct the tests under this unit such as dry and wet microbial testing penetration. liquid emission testing as well as resistance to any form of wear and tear. Surgeine Healthcare prepares and adheres to the sampling plans as proposed by CFU and check the performance scale of the surgical drapes before selling it out for the consumption by the buyers.
  3. EUROPEAN CE Certification- By affixing the CE mark to the product, the manufacturer manifest that the product satisfys all the legal necessity for CE marking and can be sold ubiquitously in the EEA. This also applies to products manufactured in other countries that are traded in the EEA. Surgeine Healthcare gets its disposable surgical drapes certified from TÜV RHEINLAND in order to mitigate the possibility of any harmful effect of any of the surgical item prepared by them. These drapes are tested for their reactivity and reliability under different atmospheric and climatic condition before the organization finally gives it a nod to make itself available in the market.

In addition to these certifications, Surgeine Healthcare also follows all the basic regulations pertaining to maintaining the fundamental hygiene in the place where these disposable surgical drapes are manufactured, packed as well as distributed.

Final Word

Since Surgeine Healthcare follows all the ISI standards in a dedicated and committed manner, its disposable surgical drapes are absolutely safe to be used by the patients. They are abrasion free and are made under amenable conditions. Surgeine Healthcare understands the concerns as well as requirements of its targeted customer and delivers impeccable services that are backed up by globally accepted certifications. Needless to say, it is preferred by everyone who wants to invest in quality services.

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