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Since time immemorial, Turkey has been identified as one of the most leading markets for business in medical equipment. Medical Institutions across the globe could blindly rely on the quality and the quantity of the Surgical Equipment that Turkey is capable of manufacturing and distributing. However, ever since the rift between the Gulf Countries, most particularly, Saudi Arabia and Turkey began to expand between controllable measures, Turkey’s export to the Middle East countries had been significantly restrained.

Medical Industry is one of the worst hit industries after the imposition of ban on the exports of Surgical Equipment. As a result, India has benefitted enormously as the business of the medical equipment manufacturers has multiplied manifold. Companies like Surgeine had been manufacturing and distributing highly qualified and internationally authorized medical products that are deemed reliable and trustworthy by all and sundry. Since Indian market has always been preferred by Middle East Countries, this extended commercial opportunity has led to unprecedented economical upliftment of the country on account of pharmaceutical business.


Products exported from India to Gulf Countries


Very lately, Gulf Countries have potentially emerged as the largest export destination for India’s pharma exporters. India’s generic as well as off patent medicines are found to be highly credible for the UAE Countries and the transparency of commerce between the two entities as such that the professional association seems to grow only stronger with each passing year. India can already boast of more than 20 lacs of PPE exports across the globe and the major proportion of exports had been done to the Gulf Countries. Indian Countries also benefit from these transactions as business with Gulf Countries involves low-cost manufacturing as well as high rate of value addition. Some of the surgical items exported from India to Gulf Countries are-


  1. Gloves – To protect the hands from unwittingly picking up any contaminated material or touching any infected surface.
  2. Gowns- To shield the bodies of the wearer in presence of any infected person.
  3. Shoe Covers– Shoes can be one of the most active surfaces to transport germs and microbial infections.
  4. Head Covers– They are also indispensable component of the PPE kits.
  5. Masks– Masks help the wearer to obstruct inhaling any infection.
  6. Respirators – These are also exported in large numbers
  7. Eye Protection Kit– Eye Protections kits, as is understandable, protects the eyes of the Health Care Workers who wear them.
  8. Face Shields– Face Shields are required only in Intensive Units but are highly crucial in the high-risk areas
  9. Goggles– These are used for extra protection against any undesirable transmission
  10. Ventilating Machines-With the global onset of Corona Virus, the need of the Ventilating Machines has also increased manifold.



The Domestic Production Capacity of India has enabled the companies like Surgeine to manufacture PPE items in insurmountable amount at an incredible rate. If all the major authorial bodies such as Ministry of Health, Ministry of Pharmaceuticals, FDA, and Department of Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade come together to further facilitate the exportation to GCC, India can become the most promising country for GCC to export all the medical necessities in the very near future. The Director General of the foreign trade has also revised its directories to let India export its surgical products to Gulf Countries without any tax barriers.

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