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What IcMED?

According to the Council of India, AIMED has signed a Memorandum of Understanding in the year 2014 in order to introduce some of the voluntary certifications to be issued to the various forms of medical devices in order to illustrate their adherence to the international standards of success and repute quite transparently. IcMED (Indian Certification for Medical Devices) is a product of these aforementioned joint owners- it is an initiative that has been duly accredited and approved by NABCB Certification Body.

It happens to be one of the first locally expanded international class certification scheme developed for Indian manufacturers that could actually improve efficiently buy cutting the invested time as well as cost. It has also proved to be quite effective in eliminating all the corruptive activities in the medical industry. At this juncture, it is important to underline here that the quality of the medical devices need to checked on multiple parameters and that is why IcMED is becoming more significant with each passing year.

How does Surgeine Healthcare adhere to IcMED?

IcMED is also known as AIMED Voluntary Initiative on Medical Devices. As the name suggests, its central significance lies in assessing the relevance as well as durability of the surgical equipment. Since Surgeine Healthcare has been dealing with the domain of manufacturing, processing as well as distributing surgical equipment for considerable time now, it takes into account the advanced methodologies of qualitative assessment quite meticulously. There are multiple levels on which Surgeine Healthcare seeks certification from IcMED.

Ever since its inception, IcMED has wholly dedicated itself to the cause of ensuring the safety of patients in an invigorating manner with the long-term intention to prioritize the users’ satisfaction at all costs. Before IcMED existed, Indian manufactures like Surgeine Healthcare had to work assiduously to combat the foreign competition. As there was lack of any regulatory body that could testify and validate Indian Medical Services, the indigenous users also ended up paying more premium without no apparent benefit for themselves.

Therefore, adherence to IcMED ensures that Surgeine Healthcare not only keeps itself abreast of latest standards of quality evaluation, but also ensures that t can stay in the competition in full aplomb. Even the Coordinator of AIMED accedes that the quality of the competition that India engages in as enhanced manifold as IcMED has elevated the levels of accountability for both manufacturers as well as buyers simultaneously. It also ensures the profitability of the medical companies like Surgeine Healthcare that have always respected the formal guidelines and have respected by the boundaries of the regulations prescribed by various esteemed medical organization.

 Why is Surgeine Healthcare the best choice for the Medical Experts?

As aforementioned, IcMED had introduced two alternatives of the Certifications i.e. ‘ICMED 9000 Certificationand ‘ICMED 13485 Certification. The third type of certification, which is backed up by medical recommendation of National Health Systems Resource Centre is also being contemplated upon. Surgeine Healthcare encapsulates within its methodologies the cognizance of these regulations and deliberations and aligns its processes with the collective intention of giving safe and secure medical assistance. It has emerged as one of the most reliable as well as viable choice of everyone who wants to avail tested, verified as well as well documented services. For more info contact us here or at

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