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The spread of bacteria usually happens when a surgical drape is not impervious. Impervious drapes cannot be penetrated with liquid strikethrough thus reducing the possibility of bacteria transfer and contamination. Strikethrough is a tendency of a surgical wound to permeate through a dressing which allows bacteria to enter and settle on the surface of the wound.

Thus it is important to choose drapes that are reliable. Our surgical drape is a top performer when it comes to being impervious to strike though, it is strong and has steadfast adhesion, it has a fluid control feature, and is definitely excellent in providing comfort.

Surgeine drapes are prepared with high quality and skin friendly adhesive tapes that safely puts the drapes in place. An Incise is also featured in many procedural drapes like craniotomy drapes, C-section drapes, open heart drapes among others.

The line holders and Velcro style tubes keeps the drape clear from the fenestration.

You can also choose from various fabrics such as Spunlace, SMMMS, and Trimalimate without compromising the quality of the drape.

Our product ranges from gynecology drapes, cloth surgical drapes, disposable surgical drapes, sterile surgical drapes, veterinary surgical drapes, and many more.

We offer our products in packs of: General Surgery Packs (contains Universal Packs, Laparotomy, Laparoscopic, Laparoscopy and Cholecystectomy Packs; Fenestrated, split, and plane drapes), Gynecology and Obstetrics Packs (contains Delivery, Lithotomy, C-section packs: Lithotomy, C-section, and under the buttock drapes).

Other packs include: Cardiovascular and Angiography Packs, Orthopedics and Traumatology Drapes, Urology Packs, Neurology Packs, and EENT Packs.

Surgeine drapes follow the regulation provided for by The Association of Perioperative Registered Nurses (AORN). The products are designed, folded and packed accordingly with clear labels and instructions

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