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White is the colour that symbolizes purity. It has been the choice of doctors’ scrub since ages as it denoted cleanliness. But it was in early 20th century when an influential doctor took the courage to break the line and stand out in colour green. He simply convinced people that this colour would make it easier for surgeons’ eye to perform better; although not all are persuaded with this reason that got the colour so much fame in the medical or healthcare industry.

First of all the classy green or a blue add a style substance. Secondly, these colours can be refreshing for the doctors’ vision. As the brain adapts colours that are relative to each other, therefore if a surgeon stares at something which is either pink or red he gets numb. The red signal in the grey matter fades and his could make it harder for the surgeon to see the shade of human body. Whereas, looking up to something green or blue at instances will help in keeping the eyes more sensitive to the variations in red. Thirdly, the intense focus on red and only red may lead to some distracting green illusions on the white. The green shadow appears if a doctor deviate his look from those reddish body tissue or fluid to anything white. Therefore, to avoid the illusion effect or to say distraction, the colour green or blue remains a good choice. This phenomenon occurs because the rainbow has both red and green; as the red path is most tried out, the red vs. green lane in the brain will signal green. But if the surgeon looks at either green or a blue, the disturbing element blends well in without being a point of distraction. These two colours remain the choice as they are just opposite to red and enable better and more enhanced vision to the surgeons in the operation rooms.

Though in recent times the coloured scrubs with attractive are available, still the docs prefer to go green or blue without compromising over their comforts and ease.

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