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Much advancement has taken place in the field of surgical tools. Surgical instruments are specialty tools which are used by surgeons to perform certain functions during surgery like cutting, dissecting, grasping, holding, retracting or suturing. Most surgical tools are made from stainless steel but nowadays since there many contagious diseases and infections, doctors and surgeons prefer using disposable surgical instruments. These tools are single use, non-reusable instruments that are used on the patient and then thrown away or discarded. These Surgical Disposable can be for general use or to perform a particular action. The physicians must keep in mind that the surgical instruments used must cause no physical disruption or tissue trauma.

Advantage of Disposables over reusable in surgery

Safety: Disposable medical instruments are preferred over reusable ones they prevent infection and spread of infection from one patient to the other. They are safe not only for the patients but also for the ward boys and nurses who deal with such instruments. These products are sterilized the moment they are purchased from a medical store. Since they are made for only one use; cross-contamination is prevented. They are rust free too.

Instrument traceability: This advantage of disposables over reusable in surgery tools have a production date and batch mentioned on its packaging. It has a trace ID number clearly printed on its wrapper label. Hence, in case of any complications post-surgery the wrapper can always be referred to for useful investigation. It is also recommended that the trace ID number is recorded in the patient’s treatment record.

Maintenance: Medical instruments are usually made from hard metal components which may require a lot of cleaning before and after use The cleaning and sterilization process is time-consuming. Since they are tiny, small remnants of tissue from the previous surgery may not be removed completely. Therefore, disposable surgical instruments which are made from plastic or rubber are the best bet. They are 100% contaminant free.

Cost-benefit analysis: Regarding price reusable instruments are considered very expensive because they can be used over and over again. Disposable instruments are therefore cheaper because they can be thrown away after one use.

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