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Surgeine Healthcare has been successfully manufacturing and supplying disposable gowns across the globe for many years now. The gowns manufactured by the company are not only comfortable and convenient to carry and wear, but are also designed in such an advanced way that they can be easily put on and taken off in case of emergency. What is most remarkable about the disposable surgical gowns manufactured by Surgeine Healthcare is that they follow all the norms laid down by ISI standards for gowns so that the primacy could be given to the safety and security of the customers. Thousands of surgeons across the globe can work efficiently the most testing of circumstances as they are convinced of the reliability of the gowns manufactured and exported by the Company.

Providing quality health care to its customers has always been the central concern for our company. All the disposable surgical gowns have been manufactured with great attention to the details and after having been verified for their anti-germs, anti-inflammation and anti-fluid transmission qualities.


It is important to underline here is that American Society of Testing and Materials (ASTM) F2407 works with FDA to give ISI guidelines for the manufacturing of disposable surgical gowns. We conducts continuous, multiple quality tests on the parameters of wear and tear resistance, seam quality, the ability to withhold evaporation and the resistance to vapor transmission before the gowns are released in the market.

Some of the aspects on which Surgeine Healthcare focuses upon are:

Strength of the TextileASTM D5034 as well as ASTM D1682 are the tests conducted by Surgeine Healthcare to check the gowns are durable enough to stand the infection and contamination.

Generation of Lint– The test called ISO 9073 Part 10 is conducted to check the capacity of lint generation in any of the surgical gown that Surgeine Healthcare manufactures.

AAMI verified Water Transability Test– Certain tests like ASTM F1868 and ASTM D737-75 are conducted by Surgeine Healthcare before the gowns are sent to the market for selling.

Moreover, Surgeine Healthcare also puts all its disposable gowns through various tests by AATCC as per the quality to be evaluated. Multiple number of tests of all the layers of the gowns make them completely ready to be worn by any of the medical surgeon confidently. Multiple other standards such ASTM 1671 (to check the gowns’ ability to resist the fluid transmission, ASTM 127 (to evaluate the effect of hydrostatic pressure on the gowns) as well as ASTM D4966 are conducted by Surgeine Healthcare. All these tests enable the gowns to be labeled as “medically safe” and hence anyone who wears them does not need to worry about catching any infection.

Final Word

As is clear from the details shared above, Surgeine Healthcare takes utmost care to make its disposable gowns adhere to all the guidelines issued by ISI standards that also ensure that no cases of unexpected effect of wearing gowns by the wearers are noted. We understands the humongous responsibility it has taken over its shoulders and has been assisting people in making the right choice as far as the medical equipment are concerned for many years now.

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