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Disposable operation room wears. Surgery and hospitals in general consider cleanliness and contaminant free zones are paramount. Scrubs are the hospital wear that is a used especially during surgery. Currently, scrubs are used by all physicians in most hospitals. They are a standard practice with strict cleaning regulation to provide maximum protection for all the patients.

They are also regularly used in the operation theatres. But, there are cases when these scrubs should never be reused. One such case is when a surgery is performed on a patient with human immunodeficiency virus(HIV) or acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS). Today, surgical practices have evolved and have become a common practice involving people affected by HIV/AIDS. This creates a necessity for disposable operation room scrubs of high quality and at the same time not very expensive, due to sheer number of disposable operation room scrubs required.

They are designed to simple and avoid places to hide contaminants. Scrub cap is another important part of the operation room dressing. Designed to prevent contaminants in hair to be transferred to the patients, they come in different varieties. There are scrubs caps which help hide the beard of men. These caps are not restricted to use during surgery and even patients undergoing a surgery is expected to wear it. The later introduction to this set of scrubs is foot ware. This also performs the action of preventing any contaminants from the shoes of the surgeon to be transferred onto the patient.

Now, considering that the surgery is HIV AIDS surgery related or the patient is afflicted by HIV/AIDS, these scrubs become even more important. The scrubs overall help the surgeon avoid bring any bio hazards from the operation theatre into an unsterilized and contaminated environment which may have adverse effects. Thus, different surgical apparels, like gowns, scrubs, and shoe covers offer protection to both patients, and doctors and to the surrounding environment.

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