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To maintain the secure and hygienic operating room environment, surgical equipment covers are the finest way of protecting from diseases and infectious bacteria. Medical equipment covers play a great role in doctor’s satisfaction and thus reduces operation cost and infection rate.

The disposable surgical equipment covers are free of latex to avoid the potential allergic reaction. These covers are sterile plastic and provide an elastic closure that mounts just above the surface of medical equipment. These covers are light in weight and puncture resistance. If a hospital wants to use their medical equipment for decades, they should use the surgical cover in order to protect it from dust and damage from external links.

These are some of the Disposable medical equipment cover and their uses in hospitals-

Back table cover – A high- quality back table covers manufactured using non-woven fabrics. It reduces the risk of wound contamination, puncture resistance with light and mid weight instruments.

C-Arm Drape– It is a flame resistive product, which provides secure attachments for tubes and line. Fabric reinforcement in C-Arm Drape helps to control fluid run-off. Hospitals provide a wide range of covers of the equipment to fit both fixed and mobile C-Arm system. It is available in full and mini size.

Mayo Stand Cover– These covers are made up of flexible fabric. It is available in a variety of sizes in the hospitals. Standard reinforced cover helps in general OR use. It is highly resistive to tear and wear.

Camera Drape– It provides a low lint generation to minimize the risk of bacterial transmission. Its fabric is resistive to tearing and abrasion. Camera drape is widely used for endoscopic and arthroscopic applications.

• Microscope Drape-For the different kind of microscope, drapes are designed in different shape and sizes. It helps in contamination and averts accidental perforation.

• Band Bags- It is available in different sizes and at a reasonable price. It is secure in use and provides optimum utility during its use. Properly sterilized theses band bags offers optimum utility during use and are safe while using.

Medical equipment covers are made of finest quality materials. Equipment covers, surgical equipment covers, medical equipment covers and much more materials are used to protect the medical equipment. It plays a great role in protecting the surgical equipment from the external environment.

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