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SSI commonly known as Surgical Site Infection remains a major concern during any surgical process. It is a dominant nonsocomial disease which accounts for almost 20% of all the infections originating in the hospitals. According some researches made, 157, 000 SSIs happen each year.

Adhering to stringent aseptic habits reminds for a good solution to avoid SSI. The gowns and drapes used in the surgical processes act as a perfect barrier against any kind of microbial contamination that may occur from the operating space. Majority of surgeries are performed with disposable gowns or drapes in United States whereas the reusable content constitutes half the proportion of items used in the surgeries in Europe. Only because of such reasons, there is always a compare between the two methods. The comparison is not just based on protection laid in support of patients but in the favour of workers as well.

Any surgical gown is useful in reducing the transfer of skin flora from the medical staff and protecting the workers from blood-borne germs of treated patients. It is important to note that the protection lent by the surgical gowns is reproducible and it is maintained throughout the process.

There is a lack in harmony on what type of surgical gown should be used due to an array of different fabrics and production trends utilized in the manufacturing process or which type of gown is suitable of a specific surgical procedure including other factors. Because of less knowledge and improper ways of determining the microbial strike through and it’s connection with SSI, the scenario gets more complex and confusing.

There has been an enormous change in the variety of fabric used to manufacture the reusable gowns. This has led the conventional literature over the usage and safety a bit outdated. Despite such dramatic evolution, the disposable gowns remain a choice for being more durable. They are preferred because of their reproducible microbial impenetrability; whereas due to regular washing and wetting the reusable gowns lose their charm and stability. Because of their breathability and comfortable nature, the concept of reusable gowns disperses its being an efficient barrier to infections.

Though the reusable gowns favour economic analysis in relation to its environmental blow and related production or jobs aspect, the major purpose of reducing the problem of SSIs cannot be ignored. Therefore, the disposable gown wins the choice amongst major surgery houses.

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