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There is a wide range of disposable bed sheets and pillows that are ultimate for any type of stretcher or patient bed. This includes disposable bed sheets for ambulance stretchers to throw away linens that are used in the diversity of clinical settings, patient rooms in hospitals or for extensive patient care facilities. The large variety helps in assisting the hospital staff providing the most sensible and cost efficient options for patient care, and reassuring is a big bonus in any healthcare facility.

Design of disposable bed sheet and pillow

The disposable bed sheet is preferable as it is cost efficient and seen as an alternative where they can be changed between every patient. The whole lot is gathered and disposed into clinical waste bins. The bed sheet and pillow arrive in different styles and are specifically designed for different types of equipment and beds available in the hospital. The disposable draping sheet is the optimum solution to patient comfort while going through the non-surgical type of measures.

Easy to dispose

The bed sheet and pillow are light-weighted and long lasting. It is easy to dispose of in garbage after use and squashed down to a very small size for effortless disposal. The doctors prefer the set of disposable bed sheet and pillow as they are the handy option for emergency room and day patient care rooms in the hospital. It provides basic protection and absorbency while there are other sets that propose a range of supplementary features.

Serving as measure of infection control

The deluxe type of bed requires bed sheets made up of a combination of poly and tissue for attaining the high level of strength and ability to absorb the moisture. These sheets and cushion covers are prone to lesser stains and less probable to absorb spills ensuring that bed sheets do not change at regular intervals of the patient admitted.

They also curb the spread of infection and assist in infection control in a hospital setting. The doctor uses the pillow that comes pre-folded and slides under the patient when the patient is up. It gives the advantage of relaxing and patient feels comfortable while using it.

As they are removed with the discharge of patient leaving the hospital, there is no possibility of sheet transmitting bacteria or viruses due to cross contagion in the laundry area. It also helps in decreasing the time for a doctor to shift the patient in any emergency room. The other staff does not have to strip the bed and remove laundry as it is done via removal and disposable process that is quite efficient. A new sheet is easily placed within few minutes.

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