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Anti-alcohol surgical gowns are used in all the CSSD and OR related activities to keep one away from all sorts of contamination that might accrue during any of the treatment procedures. They are supposed to be bacterial resistant gowns that can be ecologically discarded after one use. Any part of the body, if remains exposed to the bacterial vulnerability, can enter the bodies of medical attendees through fluid transmission and can be a reason of multiple health hazards. In order to avoid such infections, disposable anti-alcohol gowns are specially designed with water-resistant properties. They are deemed important for all sorts of dermatologists as well as liposuction properties.

 Maintenance of anti-alcohol surgical gowns


Anti-alcoholic surgical gowns have to be dealt tenderly so that their properties are retained for the required time period by the surgeon or the patient. Hydrophobic treatment really helps these gowns become immune to any kind liquid transmission during any of the minor or major surgical operations. The texture of the gown also needs to be retained during the process. Surgeine Healthcare uses fire resistant material, approved by CPSC16CF standards as well as AAMI, so that these gowns could be enabled to keep the users safe before they are worn inside the Operation Theatres.

Also, at Surgeine the manufactures ensure that fluorocarbons and silicon are not extravagantly used in the process. They are known to deprive the gowns of their hydrophobic properties and these properties are very essential to be maintained. It is also important to be underlined that reusable gowns poses a higher risk of bacterial transmission as the gowns’ ability to fight against germs keep on decreasing with every wash. Surgeine Healthcare therefore advocate using only disposable anti-alcohol surgical gowns that are safe to be worn.

 Things to keep in mind before buying an anti -alcohol surgical gowns


  1. As aforementioned, checking the quality of the gowns is of paramount importance. For instance, Surgeine Healthcare prefers to manufacture and distribute the gowns that are made up of 100 percent anti alchohol fabric fabric when it comes to choosing the right kind of material for the anti-alcohol surgical gowns.
  2. If you wish to buy disposable surgical gowns, you may consider the ones sold by Surgeine that come with Velcro based neck that makes these gowns extremely comfortable and adaptable for use by people of different bodily dimensions.
  3. In all sorts of medical gowns, the significance of masks and gloves cannot be undermined. While purchasing the gowns, most of the companies or individual medical personnel focus only on the gown itself, forgetting about the important role played by the masks and the gloves. Surgeine Healthcare works with adequate diligence on these aspects too as they want to ensure overall security of the wearer of the surgical gowns.
  4. Additionally, certain guidelines have been set by The CEN i.e. Committee of European Standards Organization and Surgeine Healthcare abides by the guidelines to give satisfactory services to their customers. Surgeine Healthcare is a European CE certified manufacturer in India.


As is clear by now, disposable anti-alcohol surgical gowns are extremely reliable and are a mandatory medical exigency required by the medical departments. Surgeine Healthcare could be your one stop solution if you are also looking for the most customer friendly products and services at fair prices. Since we are also experts in the domain and can also assist you in taking the right decisions as per your requirement and budget, it makes us an obvious choice for the all surgical gowns requirements. For more info contact us by clicking here

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