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The shift from traditional fabrics to modernized disposable materials has been widely sanctioned in the healthcare industry. It has become the primary focus regarding cost and hygiene. The list of disposable healthcare products is profound: ranging from disposable surgical packs, gowns, curtains, face-masks to hats. The primary concern of the UK care quality commission is to see the significant use of disposable products to promote advanced infection control standards and avoid patient’s confidentiality and dignity being put at risk. The implementation of disposable curtains around the treatment areas aims to prevent the hygiene levels of the healthcare being compromised.

Selection of Surgical Disposable Drapes and Gowns

The choice of a disposable drape or gown becomes less hard when considering some factors such as comfort, cost, safety, barrier performance, and reliability. Additionally, other factors to consider should be antibacterial assurance and environmental concerns. Surgical drapes should elevate sterile routines and procedures. They should have exquisite barrier qualities, especially when wet. Barrier effectiveness is usually the capacity to prohibit penetration of fluids and micro-organisms.

Quality supply includes regular barrier effectiveness among all surgical disposable products. Safety and performance features include providing suitable protection against infiltration of fluids and micro-organisms: deterioration resistance, softness, drape-ability, stains resistance, and flammability standards. Users should define their knowledge of the ideal surgical drape or gown and base their purchase choices on a weighing scale between health and safety regulations, and economic and environmental standards.

Surgical Disposable Drapes Advantages

Disposable surgical drapes, linens, etc. gravely reduce time-consuming tasks. Time no longer gets wasted on costly chores such as washing, bleaching, ironing and drying. Disposable surgical drapes advantage is that they are clean, neat, and hygienically packaged ready for use

Money Saving

The cost of disposTime-Savingable drapes is roughly the same amount or less than the cost of washing a re-usable surgical drape. Other products are necessary during the washing process, such as the detergents, water, machine cost, and electricity. Disposable surgical products assist in budget management because they become a consistent, measurable value. Disposable drapes are always readily available and convenient when you consider the cleaning requirements.

Professional Image

Portraying a professional image is critical to patients and visitors. Disposable surgical drapes always convey a look of immaculate hygiene standards. Use of disposable curtains and bed-sheets gives an impression of professionalism. All your surgical products will look new and spotless at all times. It makes your medical team more flexible and ready to act per emergency situations without any concerns.

Environmentally Friendly

Most disposable surgical drapes and gowns originate from polypropylene which is a side result of the petrochemical business and can are recyclable. This type of recycling enables the products to be shredded and heated into small rocks to be re-used by other industries. Disposable products have become friendlier to the environment as compared to other liquids and chemicals used in washing processes.

Re-usable Vs Disposable

Surgical disposable products dominate the US market. However, the situation is different in Europe. Disposable products account for only 50%. The reasons for these differences include factors such as cost and environmental burdens. Regarding availability and convenience, the general flow towards surgical kits for operations is the primary source of market growth. These surgical kits contain all the appliances needed for specific operations, in addition to disposable coverings and instruments.

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