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A gown and drape have found a realistic important niche with its usage n the surgical world.

Where gowns are useful in reducing the risk of disease acquirement by healthcare suppliers or in minimizing the exposure of transfer of infection while maintaining a sterile space, drapes are applicable during invasive conducts to stabilize the sterility of the environmental surfaces or equipment’s and patients as well.

Presently, the gowns are a useful means to protect the healthcare professionals who tend to perform interfering practices from association with blood borne germs. Although gowns are favoured in preventing person-to-person transference in assured framework, still there is a lot of recommendation over using the drapes during invasive actions which aid to belittle the contamination of operative area. The adequacy of this system using a fine drape or a gown as required is reducing the surgical-spot infections and their transmission.

Based upon many inferences and evaluations over the functionality and impact it is still a struggle to find who is more superior, a single-use or reusable gown and drape. But the motive remains most important and that is to avoid any kind of infection transportation from any carrier to the other. Selection of any particular gown and a drape is based more upon the assessment of requirements, the availability of products and the cost. But in turn, it should be on the basis of desired characteristics and efficacy of the optimal gown or drape in question.

Health and safety are remains the foremost feature in any medical process and therefore the kind use of gowns and drapes initiate a healthier atmosphere. We are fortunate to love in the era where safety and health related issues are taken up with bright importance and stand and finally the drapes and gowns have been recognized with their usefulness and serious relevance.

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