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What are disposable delivery packs?

Disposable delivery kits are one of the most absolute must haves in any of the surgical operations or even in the regular sanitary services. In most of the cases, it is advisable to go for the ones that are clinically proven and dermatologically tested. Disposable delivery kits enable any individual to get a hands-on assistance when in need.

When there are a lot of alternatives available in the market, it is extremely important to make an informed decision about the kind of disposable kit that you might need for yourself and yours. The most important things to look out for is the quality and the packaging with which it comes. Also, it preferably needs to be light-weighed so that it can be carried anywhere without much ado.

Basic expectations from a good delivery pack

First and foremost, it is extremely important to ensure good quality when you are investing in any of the surgical equipment. Needless to say, it is also very important to ensure that the material that has been used in the manufacturing of the surgical equipment is designed, created and tested by expert engineers. Any negligence, howsoever minor, can have a detrimental impact on the health of the patient for whom it is being used.

It is also extremely important to ensure that all the disposable delivery packs have to pass through all the quality tests that have been set by the industry of medical testing. A good disposable delivery pack also needs to take in consideration the fact that all the delivery items are portable, compact and easy to dispose so that it does not impact the environment negatively. It is hence important for all the companies to take full cognizance of this factor and keep their sales at a moderate cost.

What does it generally consist of?

In a regular disposable delivery pack, some of the most essentials are-

  • 1 packet of disposable non-woven gown
  • 1 pair shoe cover non-woven
  • 1 piece of disposable cap
  • 1 piece of face mask1 pair latex surgical gloves)
  • 1 piece under pad (Under sheet)
  • 1 piece of drape sheet (perineal sheet)
  • 1 piece of mops
  • 2 piece of cord clamp
  • 1 piece of baby receiving sheet
  • 1 piece of feeding tube
  • 1 sterile surgical blade
Apart from these, some other items that are often in disposable delivery packs are:
  1. Various kinds of drapes such as medium and utility ones- They are both quite useful when it comes to block the penetration of liquid in any way and hence eliminates any possibility of infection or contamination in the patients. OP tapes are also found to be quite useful as any minor fixing can be accomplished through that.
  2. Baby Drapes- It is well known that new born babies need to be provided with extra comfort and baby drapes exist primarily with this intention.
  3. Under Buttocks drapes -These are required by pregnant woman who can unwittingly infect a bed with amniotic fluids that are discharged inevitably during the productive cycle.
  4. Umbilical cord clips-They are used to ligate the new born infant in a protected way.
  5. A mayo stand cover-It is highly useful for patients who are not able to move post the operations and need an assistance to collect the medical wastes. Reinforced Mayo Stands help them immensely as the patients can sit on a chair comfortably during the medical processes.
  6. Leggings- In the cases where the lower limbs need to be taken care of most particularly, leggings can be draped around so that they can be aseptically isolated and healed.
  7. Gauge Sponges- In all the surgical processes, a minor bleeding is sure to happen and hence gauge sponges are an immediate requirement. They can easily soak not only bold but ant other liquid effectively.
  8. Surgical Gowns- A surgical gown is also an unavailable disposable delivery pack. It can absorb any stain or pigment excreted during the surgical processes.



It is recommended that you buy disposable delivery packs from a vendor that is backed by an efficient warehouse. If all the technical aspects are catered to effectively, the quality would never be compromised and the customers will get the right value for your money. Another factor that needs to be contemplated over is the durability of the products.

Since most of the items in the disposable delivery packs are fragile and are prone to breakage by external forces, it is also advisable that you buy disposable delivery packs from a reliable company that adheres to the basic standards of packages. Another pertinent concern, as is already mentioned, is safety and security. It should be packaged and delivered in such a way that no item gets torn, ripped or spilled in the process.

Disposable Delivery packs are needed by almost everyone so a well-regulated supply of the same from the market has to be assured. Any company that is dealing with either manufacturing or delivery of these disposable delivery packs need to ensure customer satisfaction with the timely services as well as high quality products. These products will always stay relevant and any company which wants to keep itself established in the domain has to work consistently towards quality service.

Surgeine Healthcare understands your requirement and your apprehensions regarding the security and safety of the medical equipment and surgical operations and provides you with the services that are competent and efficient enough to meet all the quality standards. In case you want to place orders for disposable delivery packs from a trustworthy and reliable company, Surgeine Healthcare is the right place for you. Keeping hygiene and transparency as the central principle of its work, we will definitely provide you with impeccable services.