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Implantology Kit

Product Description

1. Plain Drape with adhesive (150 cm x 150 cm)2
2. Utility (Absorbent) Drape (150 cm x 150 cm)1
3. Reinforced Fenestrated Drape (100 cm x 100 cm)1
4. Standard Surgeon Gown, Large2
5. Patient Gown with sleeves1
6. Hand Towels6
7. Pair of powder free latex gloves, Large2
8. Face Mask, 3 Ply, Tie on3
9. Surgeon Cap with Tie2
10. Crimps Cap, Large2
11. Pair of Non-Woven Shoe Covers3
12. Dental Chair cover with Ties1
13. Saliva Ejector1
14. Protection cover for control panel with adhesive1
15. Protection sleeves for tubing1
16. Protection cover for X-Ray1
17. Cap handle covers (Elasticated)2
18. PE Instrument Table Cover1
19. Tube organiser with adhesive1
20. Elastic bands4
21. PE Waist Bag (50 cm x 80 cm)1

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