Scrub Suit

  • Scrub Suit
Scrub Suit (Product Code : 171-173)
  • Preferred in light colours (blue and green) to reduce the glare under light, they are comfortable to move around in.
  • Fitted nicely according to the body size
  • Made from highly resistant and fluid repellent material to provide a secured barrier against fluids. It is manufactured using high class fabric like spun lace and spun bond.
  • Double needle stitching adds durability
  • Enhances safety and lowers the risk of contamination from lint as compared to other cotton fabrics
  • Consistent in quality
  • Makes the professionals easy to perform the procedure
  • Promotes hygiene
  • The category produces full suits, jackets, pants and shirts all specific to both the genders.



Shadow Shadow

S. No. Product Code Contents
A SS-171 SMMS Scrub Suit
B SS-172 Spunlace Scrub Suit
C BS-173 Spunbond Scrub Suit


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