We manufacture our products in accordance with international quality norms to maximize the protection from infection. Designed to address the evolving requirements of surgical procedures, our gowns are flexible, comfortable and safe, enabling your team to deliver their best. Coming in three different styles and an array of sizes, our surgical gowns are made using a combination of various fabrics, with end-use, protection and comfort being the focal points.

We implement stringent quality control mechanisms across all areas of manufacturing to assist you in your mission of providing quality healthcare. We have designed all our medical gowns with generous proportions to augment comfort and mobility while ensuring a perfect fit. Our disposable gowns come with a Velcro-based neck to facilitate easy closure and adjustment across all sizes.

Our products’ seams are ultrasonically welded to ensure a gap-less construction for complete protection and maximum strength while effectively barricading fluid splashes. Moreover, we make our products with low linting materials to eliminate the risk of aerial transmission of microbes, preventing atmospheric and open wound contamination.

Additionally, our products are made of fire-resistant materials, conforming to CPSC16CF part 1610 standards along with conformity to AAMI and EN 13795 standards.

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