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What exactly are the Pure Armor Scrub Suits?

Scrub Suits are worn by the medical staff as all the chemicals can be easily identified on its surface. These are quite inexpensive and hence quite easy to be replaced after one-time use. Moreover, their surface enables harsh cleaning and application of heat and it means that they can actually become clearer with each passing use. Surgeine has been dealing with the manufacturing, packaging as well as distribution of the Surgical Gowns for many years now and has always been surpassing its customers’’ requirement as far as meeting the timelines and delivering impeccable services is concerned. Pure Armor Scrub Suits are also not a deviation from Surgeine’s signature method of manufacturing PPE items that are durable, comfortable as well as reliable.

Some of the most distinguishable features of Pure Armor Fabric are-

High Quality Fabric-

Pure Armor is a Soft SMS i.e. Spun-bound Meltdown Spun-bound fabric. It implies that is it a tri-laminate fabric wherein the uppermost and the lowermost layer is made up of spun-bound polypropylene and the middle layer is made up of Meltdown not only enhances the tensile properties of the scrub suits but also takes them an excellent barrier to the wicking and liquid infections.


This fabric is extremely comfortable and the surgeons do not experience least discomfort while wearing these scrub suits made up with pure armor for long hours. Because of its soft texture and highly porous quality, these scrub suits are also an ideal choice to be worn in highly congested OPDs wherein even a minimum level of ventilation is not maintained. In the presence of bright lights and highly stressful surgical setup, this feature is an added comfort for the wearer.

Retains and control moisture

Pure Armor is known to capture the moisture from the environment, thereby protecting the wearer against the possibility of catching any microbial infection in liquid form. It is a well-known fact that whole surroundings in OPD is vulnerable to an accelerated rate of transmission of bacteria. In such circumstances, these scrub suits actually come across as boon.

Regulate and maintain wearer’s body temperature-

These scrub suits are also known to regulate the normal body temperature of the wearer owing to its highly comfortable layers. The surface of the Pure Armor fabric is technologically advanced enough to sense the surrounding temperature and adjusts the temperature of the wearers’ bodies accordingly. This hydro functional polymer is indeed a boon for Surgeons who have to work under stringent environment. By keeping the body temperature 2 to 3 degree cooler than the normal fabric, Pure Armor Scrub Suits creates an insulating layer between the body and the environment, thereby producing a cooling effect, in the process.

In addition to all these properties, Pure Armor Scrub Suits are quite light in weight and does not bother the wearer with its overwhelming hem or sleeve structure. One can easily move around while wearing these Scrub Suits, manufactured by Surgeine, that are not only economical but highly relaxing.


Considering the level of comfort and an aesthetically professional look that these scrub suits manufactured by Surgeine possess, one can easily deduce that Pure Armor Scrub Suits are a revolutionary invention in the domain of scrub suits. Surgeine has rightly been recognized as an extremely dependable company for manufacturing and distributing PPE items as it works with dedication, determination and diligence.

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