UPPER EXTREMITY PACK-I (Product Code : 1405)

Product Size : Universal

The experts at Surgeine have developed this pack to meet the specialised requirements of surgeries involving the hand, the elbow or the wrist, etc. The pack contains an array of our draping systems, which are exclusive designed for the purpose. Along with other peripheral essentials, the pack provides total protection from infections.

  • Tear-resistant, abrasion-free and resistant to strikethrough from alcohol
  • Drapes have steadfast, skin-friendly adhesion along with fluid control feature
  • Secure attachments for lines and tubes enable your team to perform seamlessly
  • Optional fabric reinforcement to minimise instrument slippage and manage fluid run-off
  • Low-linting fabrics to reduce the risk of aerial transmission of bacteria in the operating room
AUpper Extremity Drape 195x300 cms. 6cms. Conformation Fenestration1
BImpervious Split Drape 140x175 cms. 10x50 cms. U Cut Adhesive1
CImpervious Stockinette 30x100 cms.1
DHand Towel 30x25 cms. + Adhesive Tap Strip 9x51 cms.4
EMayo Stand Cover 80 x 145 cms. 70 x 80 cms. Absorbent Reinforcement1
FBack Table Cover 140 x 190 cms. 60 x 150 cms. Absorbent Reinforcement1

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