Universal Pack III (Product Code : 1203)

Product Size : Universal

General Surgery Pack from Surgeine Healthcare contains surgeon’s gowns, plain drapes and table covers which can be used as a universal draping arrangement for common surgical exercises.

Surgeine drapes are evolved to give surgeons and patients protection which is reliable and simplified.

AMayo Stand Cover 60x140 cms 50x60 cms. Absorbent Reinforcement1
BTop Drape 125x275 cms.75x40 cms. PE absorbent reinforcement1
CSide Drape 100x160 cms. 20x100 cms. PE absorbent reinforcement2
DBottom Drape 195x195 cms. 75x60 cms. PE absorbent reinforcement1
ESuture Bag 20x30 cms.1
FBack Table Cover 140x200 cms.2 Ply, PE absorbent reinforcement1
GHand Towel 35x35 cms4
HSurgical Gown Non Reinforced, Large with 2 Hand Towels1

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