Transverse Laparotomy Drape (Product Code : 1222)

Product Size : Universal

Our surgical drape options are engineered to meet your demands for optimal patient and staff safety from the operation room (OR) infections. We ensure our Transverse Laparotomy Drape provides convenience and flexibility, especially required for the surgical incisions involved in these procedures.

  • Manufactured with non-woven, five-layered SMMMS fabric, ensuring high barrier performance
  • Flame resistant for use around lasers and other electrical instruments
  • Tear-resistant, abrasion-free and impervious to strikethrough from alcohol, with secure attachment for line and tubes
  • Low linting property to reduce the risk of aerial transmission of microbes in the operating room
  • Reinforced fabric to minimise instrument slippage and manage fluid run-off
  • Armboard covers to provide additional coverage during the surgery
A195x300x250 cms. 10x30 cms.1

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