Microcare Speciality Urology Surgical Gown (Product Code : 1087 - 1090)

Product Size : Small - Medium - Large - X Large
  • We have manufactured speciality urology surgical gown using SMMMS, a five-layered fabric to maximise fluid repellence
  • The fabric comprises three melt-blown layers intermediated between two strong spun-bound outer layers
  • Our gown ensures a high level of air permeability, breathability and comfort making it as a prudent choice for varied surgical procedures
  • Developed in compliance with AAMI level- 2, AAMI Level- 3 protection with PE reinforcement, AAMI PB 70 and EN 13795 standards
  • We offer speciality urology surgical gown in an array of sizes across three variants: Standard, Fabric-reinforced and PE-reinforced
1087Speciality Urology Surgical GownSmall
1088Speciality Urology Surgical GownMedium
1089Speciality Urology Surgical GownLarge
1090Speciality Urology Surgical GownX-Large

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